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A glowing review for Bumperboy Gets Angry!
July 25, 2017

I just wanted to let you know that Bumperboy Gets Angry received a very nice review from the Poison Pie Publishing House! Check it out right here! http://www.poisonpie.com/publishing/reviews/text/bookreview_072417.html

If you want to see what the fuss is about and pick up some copies, please visit the Bumperboy Shop!

The FINAL issue of Bumperboy Gets Angry is here!
July 14, 2017

Hey there, Bumperfriends!

If I knew how to play the trumpet, I'd be tootin' some fanfare music and throwing confetti right about now! Why? Because I'm pleased to announce that the final issue of Bumperboy Gets Angry is complete! Hooray! I'm sorry that it has taken so long, but it's a bit tougher to work on comics with my work and life schedule these days. But enough of my complaining...let's cut to the chase!

New minicomic: Bumperboy Gets Angry #7

Bumperboy Gets Angry #7

Whose pirate ship just barged into Shadow Bay? Will Bubtopia ever be happy again? Yes, now you can finally find out what happens in this final chapter of Bumperboy Gets Angry! Grab a copy at the Bumperboy Shop!

folding partyNow that this Bumperboy story arc is complete, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the special people in my life that have helped me proofread, fold and staple comics, assisted me in the Bumperboy booth, or just provided me with moral support while I slogged through drawing during tight deadlines over the last 5 years of completing this story. All of these people are rad and I thank them immensely for all their help!
Vicky, Cindy, Pam, Mike, Carlos, Scott, Jamie, Jin Hei, Michael, Selino, Monique, Krystal, Eva, Sue, Wahab, Joel, Tracy, Shelby, Sarah, Jeremy, Dolly, Christine, Chia-Hwa, Darren, Kri, Kajah, Minna, Gabi, Pamela, Ky, Mom and Dad! (please forgive me if I've forgotten anyone...)

San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Another year, another Comic-Con! If you're a regular to the con, you'll find me in my usual spot, in the Small Press Pavilion at booth #O-16. Come say hello and hang out with me! It's actually a great spot for people-watching and checking out the great costumes!

Also, don't miss the Cartoon Art Museum Sketch-A-Thon! In exchange for a donation of $10 or more to the Cartoon Art Museum, supporters will receive a customized convention sketch from a professional cartoonist. Their booth is just around the corner from mine, at Booth #1930. I'm scheduled to sketch there on Friday, July 21 from 1:00-2:00pm. http://cartoonart.org/ http://cartoonart.org/

So, that's all for now, Bumperfriends. Until next time!

-Debbie (Bumperboy's Mommy)

Bumperboy Gets Angry #6
July 13, 2016

Hey there, Bumperfriends!

I've got a pretty short update this time around, so let's cut to the chase...

New minicomic: Bumperboy Gets Angry #6

Bumperboy Gets Angry #6

Yay, hooray! The newest issue of Bumperboy Gets Angry! is here! The folks in Shadow Bay have really gone bonkers, and now they're destroying their own town! Can Bumperboy, Bumperpup, and Jillian get there in time to stop the madness??

You can purchase a copy online at the Bumperboy Shop!

San Diego Comic-Con 2016

Once again, my home base at Comic-Con will be in the Small Press Pavilion at booth #O-16. It's the best place to see all the cosplayers walking by! Come pop by my booth and say hello! You can pick up the newest Bumperboy, and perhaps you can catch me doing some live needle-felting at the show!

And once again, I'll be participating in the 10th annual Cartoon Art Museum Sketch-A-Thon! A donation of $10 or more to the Cartoon Art Museum will get you a customized convention sketch from a professional cartoonist. Come visit us at Booth #1930! I'm scheduled to sketch there on Friday, July 22 from 2:00-3:00pm. http://cartoonart.org/

So, that's all for now, Bumperfriends. Until next time!

-Debbie (Bumperboy's Mommy)

Bumperboy Gets Angry #5 has arrived!
July 5, 2015

Hey there, Bumperfriends!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I suppose it is just because I'm not drawing as frequently as I'd like to. Last year, I got a full time job working working at a library, so it's harder for me to find the time to draw after work. But boy, this past June has been a doozy, drawing almost every day, late into the night. I am looking forward to catching up with my sleep and getting back to exercising! Anyway, enough about that...let's get to the important stuff...like, a NEW BUMPERBOY ISSUE!

New minicomic: Bumperboy Gets Angry #5

Bumperboy Gets Angry #5

Wooo, it was down to the wire, but I got the newest issue of Bumperboy Gets Angry! in time for this week's Comic-Con! This fifth installment presents some key answers to the mystery of why everyone in Bubtopia is so angry, thanks to a couple of sources (including a trip to the local library)!
Grab a copy at the Bumperboy Shop!

San Diego Comic-Con 2015

Comic-Connnnnnn is almost herrrrrrre! Once again, I'll be situated in the Small Press Pavilion at booth #O-16. And this year, my next door neighbor will be the super-talented Ben Seto of Skullbunnies fame! Yay! You can find his work online at http://www.blacksheepcomics.com/

Also, I'll be participating in the Cartoon Art Museum Sketch-A-Thon! In exchange for a donation of $10 or more to the Cartoon Art Museum, supporters will receive a customized convention sketch from a professional cartoonist. Their booth is just around the corner from mine, at Booth #1930. I'm scheduled to sketch there on Saturday, July 11 from 1:00-2:00pm. If you are willing and able, please support the Cartoon Art Museum as they're in the process of being evicted from their current location in downtown San Francisco. http://cartoonart.org/

For more information San Diego Comic-Con, point your browser to: http://www.comic-con.org/cci

Contact Form was Broken!

And finally, it has come to my attention that my contact form has been broken for some time now...I'm not even sure how long! So if you've written me a message through my website, and I haven't written back, I apologize! I just never received your message! Sigh. Go ahead and send messages to debbie@bumperboy.net and I'll be sure to write back!

So, that's all for now, Bumperfriends. Talk to you later!

-Debbie (Bumperboy's Mommy)

Alternative Press Expo this weekend!
October 2, 2014


Just wanted to write a quick note that the Alternative Press Expo is happening this weekend, October 4-5 at Fort Mason in San Francisco! I'm working on a new convention display (finally)! And part of it will be done in time for the show! Come check it out, plus the latest Bumperboy comics at Booth #200! It shouldn't be too difficult to find me, as I'll be located front and center, right as you enter the convention hall. Not only will I have the usual comics and merch, I'll have a preview copy of Hello Kitty, Hello 40 which features over 40 awesome Hello Kitty comics, including one by yours truly. Please say hello! More info about APE at: http://www.comic-con.org/ape

Bumperboy Gets Angry #4, Bumperboy Learns How to Ride a Bike, Comic-Con, and Hello Kitty!
July 19, 2014

Hey there, Bumperfriends!

Boy, am I happy to report that I have a new minicomic for you all! I've been working feverishly to get this done in time for next week's San Diego Comic-Con and frankly, I'm relieved I did it! Whew...and now I'm happy to share it with you all.

New minicomic: Bumperboy Gets Angry #4

Bumperboy Gets Angry #4

This next installment of the Bumperboy Gets Angry! story arc features our heroes, Bumperboy and Bumperpup, exploring the depths of Shadow Bay in order to solve the mystery of why everyone in Bubtopia has suddenly gone mad. Will they get the answers that they need?
And as always, I have the newest comics available in the Bumperboy Shop.

Bumperboy Learns How to Ride a Bike: Back in Print!

Bumperboy Learns How to Ride a Bike

I ran out of copies of Bumperboy Learns How to Ride a Bike a while ago, but it is finally back in print (and with a new cover)! This minicomic tells the story of when Bumperboy embarrassingly reveals that he had never learned how to ride a bike. His friends are determined to teach him, but Bumperboy is met with difficult obstacles, including the dreaded Hugga Hugga Bear! And here's a little backstory: this story was inspired by MY learning how to ride a bike at the age of 28! Hey, it's better late than never!
You can find this book, and more, in the Bumperboy Shop.

San Diego Comic-Con 2014

The biggest comic convention in the US is just around the corner! If you're attending this year, please come visit the Small Press Pavilion on the Exhibition floor! You'll find me and the Bumperboy table at booth #O-16 (unless I'm away, trying to stalk Benedict Cumberbatch!).

Also, I'll be participating in the Cartoon Art Museum Sketch-A-Thon! In exchange for a donation of $10 or more to the Cartoon Art Museum, supporters will receive a customized convention sketch from a professional cartoonist. Their booth is just around the corner from mine, at Booth #1930. I'm scheduled to sketch there on Friday, July 25 from 11:00am-12:00pm. The full Sketch-A-Thon schedule can be found here: http://cartoonart.org/2013/07/seventh-annual-cam-sketch-a-thon-at-san-diego-comic-con-international/

For more information San Diego Comic-Con, point your browser to: http://www.comic-con.org/cci

Hello Kitty, Hello 40

Hello Kitty Hello 40

This isn't Bumperboy-related, but this is fun news to share. But first, here's a good trivia question:

Q: What is Hello Kitty's full name?
Answer: Kitty White!

Did you also know that people all over the world are celebrating her 40th Anniversary this year?? I was lucky enough to celebrate her anniversary by contributing a 3-page comic to the upcoming book, Hello Kitty, Hello 40! I'm super excited to see all the stories in this book! I've always had Hello Kitty in my life in the form of pencils, stationery, stickers, etc., so it is an honor to be associated with this book. Sanrio characters are also an integral influence in my own comics career. The book will officially be released in October, but there will be a Comic-Con-exclusive limited edition of 250 books available next week! If you're going to the con, pick up the book at the VIZ Media booth #2813. (And then come by my table because I would like to see it as well!)

So, that's all for now, Bumperfriends. I hope you'll enjoy the new books!

-Debbie (Bumperboy's Mommy)

Alternative Press Expo 2013 is this weekend!
October 10, 2013


The Alternative Press Expo is coming very soon to San Francisco and I hope to see you there! Ten years ago, I exhibited at my first comic book convention ever and it was the Alternative Press Expo 2003. No lie, it changed a big part of my life. So it was sad to hear that this year is the last APE at the Concourse Exhibition Center as it appears they will be tearing the building down. Hopefully APE will come back in another venue. I have some pretty great memories from APE in the past 10 years!

This year, I'll be participating in a couple of fun panels! On Saturday from 5:00-6:00p, I'll be drawing on the spot in the Comics Quickfire!:
Comics Quickfire is a fast-paced game show where volunteers are paired off with (or against) professional cartoonists in a series of fun-filled drawing challenges! Audience members provide suggestions and add to the creation of totally improvised epic drawings! Competing cartoonists include Debbie Huey, Stu Livingston, Katie Shanahan, and more!

And on Sunday from 3:45-4:30p, I'll be talkin' comics with my buddies Wahab Algarmi and Thien Pham in the Bay Area Roundtable:
Thien Pham (Level Up, Sumo), Wahab Algarmi (The Society of Unordinary Young Ladies), Debbie Huey (Bumperboy), Andrew Farago (Cartoon Art Museum), and other past and present cartoonists from the Bay Area discuss one of the world's most dynamic and important comics scenes. Whether you're a lifelong San Francisco resident, a new arrival, or just visiting, this panel promises to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the local comics scene but were afraid to ask.

So come visit APE...and say so long to the Concourse Exhibition Center! I'll be in the furthest room in the back, at booth #437. I'll have all three issues of "Bumperboy Gets Angry" with me.


Newest issue of Bumperboy Gets Angry! is here! And it'll be at San Diego Comic-Con too!
July 15, 2013

Ahoy, Bumperfriends!

San Diego Comic-Con is only a few days away so that means I'm driving myself batty trying to feverishly have everything ready in time! Well, I won't have everything that I had planned for but I will at least have the most important thing...a new minicomic!!

New minicomic: Bumperboy Gets Angry #3

Bumperboy Gets Angry #2

Yes, that's right, Bumperboy Gets Angry #3 will be available for sale at the con. This issue features pirates, swashbuckling battles, and a cat that wears boots! Yep, you heard it right, a cat that wears boots! As a side note, for those of you who only pick up my comics at San Diego, don't forget to pick up Issue #2 as well, which debuted at Emerald City Comic-Con earlier in March!

And as always, I have the comics available in the Bumperboy Shop.

San Diego Comic-Con 2013

As for details about San Diego Comic-Con, you can find me in my usual spot in the Small Press Pavilion, booth #O-16. Also, I'll be sketching at the Cartoon Art Museum booth around the corner at Booth #1930 on Saturday, July 20 from 12:00pm-1:00pm. Ask me for a sketch and your donation will support one of the coolest museums in the world.

For more information San Diego Comic-Con, point your browser to: http://www.comic-con.org/cci

Ok, I'm keeping this post short because I should get back to getting ready for the convention. If you're one of the lucky ones with a ticket to the con, please drop by and say hello! If not, you can always send me a hello via email! ;) Until next time, Bumperfriends!

-Debbie (Bumperboy's Mommy)

Bumperboy Gets Angry: Part Two is now in the Bumperboy Shop!
March 18, 2013

Bumperboy Gets Angry #2

Hey folks! The next installment of Bumperboy Gets Angry is finally in the Bumperboy Shop! We ended the first part on a bit of a cliffhanger, so find out what happens next for just 4 buckaroos!!


Bumperboy at Emerald City Comicon
February 26, 2012

Bumperboy will be making his first appearance at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle this very weekend, March 1-3! I'm excited to attend and exhibit at this one, as I have heard nothing but great things about this con. Bumperboy will be in Artist Alley, at booth #R-15. Please do say hello if you are there! For more information about Emerald City Comicon, please visit www.emeraldcitycomicon.com.

I'll also be debuting the latest installment of "Bumperboy Gets Angry!" fresh off the presses! I'll be adding it to the Bumperboy shop when I get back from Seattle this week. So if you're itching to buy it, sit tight and I'll have it available next week!

New Bumperboy Minicomic! Buttons! Comic-Con!
July 8, 2012

Hey there, Bumperfriends!
After a bit of taking a break with making new comics to take care of some health issues, I'm slowly making my way back to drawing again...and you know what? It feels good to have inky fingers again! Aaaaannnnd...I have a new minicomic to show for it! Yes, you read that right...a NEW BUMPERBOY COMIC! Let's go through the details, shall we?

New minicomic: Bumperboy Gets Angry #1

Bumperboy Gets Angry

Something strange is happening in Bubtopia; all of a sudden, the whole land has gone mad!! Bumperboy is angry, Bumperpup is grumpy, Gordy is crabby...what has gone wrong? Read all about it in this first issue of Bumperboy Gets Angry!

You can find it for purchase in the Bumperboy Shop!

New Bumperboy Buttons

Button Set H

After you've bought "Bumperboy Gets Angry," why not buy the companion button set too? Wear these on your "leave me alone" days and then people can't say that you didn't warn them!

Check them out in the Bumperboy Shop!

San Diego Comic-Con 2012

It's Comic-Con time again already? I just realized that this will be my 9th year exhibiting...I've seen my young fans grow up right before my eyes every year! It's a really neat thing to see them come back to the Bumperboy booth every year. Sometimes Comic-Con is a big pain in the butt to work and I don't get to see all the neat panels that regular attendees get to see, but seeing old fans and meeting new fans always makes the trip worth it. You guys rock.

But enough of the mushy stuff...here are some of the details! Comic-Con is this week, July 11-15. This year, I'll be returning to my usual booth in the Small Press Pavilion, Table O-16. I'll have Bumperboy Gets Angry #1 there, as well as the new buttons. Also behind my table, will be the amazing Wahab Algarmi and Joel Sigua. Together, they've been working on an awesome comic series called The Society of Unordinary Young Ladies for the past several years. The story wraps up with the final issue and will be available at our booth! Also, Wahab, Joel and I have been collaborating on a super special Bumperboy project...heh heh I won't say much about it now, but you can definitely ask us about it at our booth!

On Friday, July 13 from 11:00am to 12:00pm, at Comic-Con, I'll be participating in the annual CAM Sketch-A-Thon at the Cartoon Art Museum booth to benefit the awesome exhibits that this museum constantly showcases. It's located at Booth #1930, which conveniently is just a few steps away from the Bumperboy booth. Please come by and support this wonderful museum! You can find out more about this and the other artists who are participating by visiting https://www.facebook.com/events/396978033682550/.

For more information San Diego Comic-Con, point your browser to: http://www.comic-con.org/cci

The Future

Keep your eyes peeled for another announcement about that new Bumperboy project I mentioned earlier. What could it be??

Bumperboy on Tumblr!
March 12, 2012

Hey all, I just wanted to announce that Bumperboy is now on Tumblr! If you've got a Tumblr account of your own, please follow me there to get updated on the latest Bumperboy news, sketches, and announcements. Or if you don't have a Tumblr account, you can always subscribe to the RSS feed. Find it all at http://bumperboy.tumblr.com/

New Kids' Bumperboy T-shirt!
July 28, 2011

Thanks to all who came by the Bumperboy booth at last week's San Diego Comic-Con! It was an especially exhausting one for me, but I still managed to have fun. As always, it's great to see old fans, and meet brand new ones!

Also, I wanted to let you all know that there is a new Bumperboy t-shirt for all the young fans out there! It's bright, fun, and features Bumperboy's big ol' noggin on it! Check it out in the Bumperboy Shop!

Maker Faire and Bazaar Bizarre in Less Than Two Weeks
May 9, 2011

Maker Faire and Bazaar Bizarre are almost here! And Bumperboy will be there too! Come one, come all, to a fabulous faire full of craft, art, and technology! Anyone with the DIY (Do-it-yourself) mindset has to check out the Maker Faire at least once in their lives. It really is a fun event!

And while you're there, shop at the Bazaar Bizarre, which features over 80 fantastic vendors selling the best in handmade. Bumperboy will be tabling right next to Vicky Huey Designs, which features the simple yet striking jewelry of my talented sister, Vicky!

Maker Faire Bay Area 2011
Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire Bay Area 2011
Dates: May 21-22, 2011
Times: Saturday 10:00a-8:00p, Sunday 10:00a-6:00p
Where:San Mateo County Event Center, 1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403

Wondercon Video Interviews
April 13, 2011

Hey folks, here are a couple of interviews that I did at last week's Wondercon!

With Eva Volin at Good Comics For Kids:

With Rob Florido at PIPtv: Proof It's Possible:

Wondercon 2011
March 29, 2011

Wowsers, Wondercon is fast approaching!! It's always a good one to kick off convention season. This year, I'll be in Artist Alley again, at table AA-52. Please come on by and say hello!

Moscone Center South
San Francisco, CA
April 1-3

Bumperpup in Wanderlust
March 21, 2011

Hiya folks! I just wanted to quickly let you know that I *finally* posted some travel photos from last year and most recently last month. Bumperpup has been enjoying some awesome vacations as of late! He has visited London, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, and Costa Rica! (Boy am I jealous.) Check out the photos in the Sightings page!

Business With Passion Interview
December 30, 2010

Hey look! I was featured in a local TV show called "Business With Passion" this week, and now it's available on the internet! Eleven cartoonists were interviewed at the recent Sketch-A-Thon at the Charles Schulz Museum. The video features Brent Anderson (Astro City), Alexis Fajardo (Kid Beowulf), Brian Fies (Mom's Cancer), Shaenon Garrity (Narbonic), Debbie Huey (Bumperboy), Greg Knight, Paul Madonna (All Over Coffee), Thien Pham (Sumo), Lark Pien (Mr. Elephanter), Dan Piraro (Bizarro), and Frank Roberson (Maximus). I love seeing how comics are a passion for all of us.

Check out the video at: http://blip.tv/file/4563152

Bazaar Bizarre 2010!
December 9, 2010

Need to get some holiday shopping done in a jiffy? Then come on out to the Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco this weekend! You'll find the best in indie crafts here, and you can attend several of the cool craft workshops that will be happening too! You can just make your holiday gifts instead! Bumperboy and Bumperfriend will have a table there...you can find us at Booth #107! We'll have new needle-felted friends (including some needle-felted grums!) and plenty of handy purse hooks. So come on out and find your unique gifts here!

You can find all the details at: http://www.bazaarbizarre.org/sanfrancisco/shows/holidayshow/

Alternative Press Expo 2010 and New Stuff
October 14, 2010

Howdy folks, here's a quick update on some new items!

Alternative Press Expo
APE 2010 is this weekend and if you know what's cool, then you know you should be at this event! You'll find comics and zines galore from the well-seasoned veterans and the up-and-coming newbies. You'll find the Bumperboy booth at table #416. If you've gone to several of the past APEs, please note that the event is taking place in a different (and larger) part of Concourse Exhibition Center. All details can be found at http://www.comic-con.org/ape/.

Oh and by the way, I'll finally be able to accept credit cards via the snazzy little device called Square!

New items
I'll have a few new items ready in time for the show, including a new button set, which is currently available in the Bumperboy shop: http://bumperboy.net/shop/index.html

I'll also have some freshly felted figurines, such as the popular nerdy bird, a new pirate bird named Patsy, and a couple of Bumperboy heads that double as little hand rattles!

Ok, gotta go finish getting ready for APE! Hope to see you there this weekend!

Charles Schulz Museum Sketch-A-Thon this Saturday!!
September 9, 2010

If you'll be in the bay area this weekend, you should head out to Santa Rosa and the AMAZING Charles Schulz Museum! The museum is putting on a big Cartoonist Sketch-A-Thon to celebrate 60 years of Peanuts! The 16 artists include:

* Brent Anderson
* Michael Capozzola
* Rhoda Draws
* Alexis Fajardo
* Brian Fies
* Shaenon Garrity
* Mike Gray
* Debbie Huey
* Greg Knight
* Jonathan Lemon
* Paul Madonna
* Brian Narelle
* Thien Pham
* Lark Pien
* Dan Piraro
* Frank Roberson

Hey I'm on that list too! It's gonna be fun! You should go!


More details at: http://schulzmuseum.com/

SDCC 2010, Bumperfriend & Facebook
July 12, 2010
Wow, another Comic-Con already? This will be my seventh year exhibiting and every year the show gets bigger and bigger! The building is bursting at the seams! Well, if you're one of the lucky people who snagged tickets this year, please stop by my table! Again, I'll be in the Small Press Pavilion, table O-16, right next door to my buddies at Sturdy Comics, Wahab Algarmi and Anthony Hon.

felted bboySo you are probably asking, "What will you have that's new?" Well, if you haven't picked it up already, I'll have the latest minicomic, "Pictonese Lessons" which will make its Comic-Con debut this year. It's a fun story about the challenges of learning Pictonese from the one who knows it best: Bumperpup!

Also, for the first time at Comic-Con, I'll be selling my needle-felted creations! Have you ever wanted to own a handmade soft sculpture of Bumperboy? Well now you can! I'll also have other sculptures for sale at the show...but more details about those later...

On Thursday, July 22, at Comic-Con, I'll be participating in the CAM Sketch-A-Thon at the Cartoon Art Museum booth to benefit the awesome exhibits that this museum constantly showcases. You can find me there at Booth #1930 from 3:00-4:00pm. Please come by and support this museum! To find out more about this and the other artists who are participating, please visit http://cartoonart.org/2010/07/fourth-annual-cam-sketch-a-thon-at-san-diego-comic-con-international/.

For more information San Diego Comic-Con, point your browser to: http://www.comic-con.org/cci

NEW! Bumperfriend Shop


I also wanted to let you guys know that I recently launched a new shop...it's called Bumperfriend! Its home is on Etsy, and the shop features my more crafty and arty items that are more or less related to the Bumperboy universe. I feel like these items don't quite fit in the regular Bumperboy shop, but they also deserve their own space. Please take a look and let me know what you think! http://bumperfriend.etsy.com

The items that I'm debuting include my needle-felted friends (such as my bears in cupcakes, and a needle-felted Bumperboy), and my super handy collapsible purse hooks. Eventually I would like to include more items, such as small pieces of artwork.

Bumperboy Facebook Page
sdccIf you're a Facebook user, and you like Bumperboy, now you can "Like" Bumperboy on Facebook! There, you can be updated on the latest news on Bumperboy, new products, and new Bumperfriend products too! This could also be a great way to interact with me and other fans of Bumperboy. You can post photos, fan art, etc...whatever you'd like to share. I look forward to how you all will use the page! Head on over to http://www.facebook.com/bumperboycomics and "Like" away!

And that is all for now, Bumperfriends. Hope to see you at Comic-Con!

Maker Faire This Weekend!
May 20, 2010

Hey all,
I probably should've told you this earlier, but Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA is this weekend! Aahhh! I am excited to take part in the Bazaar Bizarre section of the Faire...it'll be my first craft-based show. I'm guessing the vibe will be different from comic conventions but in a good way. We shall see; I'm excited to find out!

If you want to see a little preview of what I've been working on for the show, take a look at my latest Flickr set.

Some highlights are:

Bears in Cupcakes

Tiny Puppy

Collapsible Purse Hooks

They'll all be for sale at the Maker Faire this weekend! What is the Maker Faire you ask? Well, it's a fun all day event that features anything and everything related to art, science, technology, craft, DIY...it's basically a place full of regular people who make stuff! Come join the 75,000+ people who are gonna be there!

Maker Faire San Mateo
San Mateo County Event Center
May 22-23, 2010
Saturday 10:00a - 8:00p
Sunday 10:00a - 6:00p

Also, I'm excited that my talented sister Vicky will be debuting her beautiful jewelry at the Faire as well! Her work is deceptively simple, and yet eye-catching. For a preview of her work, please see her Flickr set. She'll be exhibiting right next to me, so please say hello!

Bazaar Bizarre Interview
April 19, 2010

Bazaar Bizarre logo

Just wanted to mention that my vendor interview is up from the Bazaar Bizarre blog. Check it out! http://www.bazaarbizarre.org/sanfrancisco/2010/04/bumperboy-comics-for-the-whole-family/. And just a reminder, the Maker Faire and Bazaar Bizarre are on May 22-23, in San Mateo CA. Fun fun fun for all you "makers" out there!

Wondercon 2010 & a NEW Book!
March 30, 2010

Hey there, Bumperfriends!

Convention season is starting up again here at the Bumperboy headquarters! I've been busy gearing up for them...and I even have a new Bumperboy minicomic to show for it!! Hooray!

Wondercon 2010

Wondercon 2010
My first convention of the year is coming up quick...It begins this Friday to be exact! You can find the Bumperboy booth in Artist Alley at table #AA30. I'll have the usual books and merchandise for sale, as well as some of my hand-crafted needle-felted figures. Oh yeah, and the NEW BOOK! More on the new book later in this newsletter...

Moscone Center South
San Francisco, CA
April 2-4

I'll also be participating in a panel focusing on Kids Comics. Come join the discussion!

Thrilling Comics For Kids!
Sunday, APRIL 4
ROOM 232/234

Comics created specifically for the younger set are one of the fastest-growing parts of the industry. Creators and industry insiders discuss the current state of the field, including Nathan Hale (Rapunzel's Revenge), Jennifer Holm (Babymouse), Debbie Huey (Bumperboy), Jann Jones (editor, VIZ Media), Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop), Dan Santat (The Domesticated Four), Traci Todd (senior editor, VIZ Kids), and Eric Wight (Frankie Pickle).

NEW Book: Pictonese Lessons


It's been a long time since I've come out with a new Bumperboy story due to wrist problems among other things, but I had fun getting back into drawing again! This new minicomic is called "Pictonese Lessons" and it features Bumperboy and the gang learning how to talk in pictures like Bumperpup. Will anyone succeed in saying their first picto? Find out in this silly story!

Maker Faire 2010
Maker Faire 2010
Recently I found out that I've been accepted to exhibit at the Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA on May 22-23! Maker Faire is a huge expo about celebrating people who make stuff, whether it is in technology, science, art, or craft. The Bazaar Bizarre is like a craft show within the larger Faire, but it's a great place to see the latest in independent crafters. This will be my first time exhibiting at a craft show, so I am curious how the craft audience will respond to the comics in my booth! I'm excited to find out. For more on the Maker Faire, go to http://www.makerfaire.com/

And that is all for now, Bumperfriends. Hope to see you at Wondercon this weekend!

-Debbie (Bumperboy's Mommy)

New People Artist Village / Bazaar Bizarre SF
November 17, 2009

Bazaar Bizarre

This weekend, I'll be exhibiting at the Bazaar Bizarre, in conjunction with New People and their opening party for "Tokyo Creators Market." The "Tokyo Creators Market" is an exhibit that features the works of 7 Japanese artists. This should be a great show to check out! After you see this show, go shopping at the New People Artist Village, which features at least 11 crafty artisans who will be selling their wares, just in time for the holiday season! Big thanks to the fine folks of the Bazaar Bizarre for inviting me to this neat event!

New People Artist Village
Friday November 20th 2009 6pm-8pm (by invitation only)
Saturday November 21st 2009 10am-8pm - Open to the Public
New People - 1746 Post St. San Francisco, CA 94115

New People Artist Village
SuperFrog Gallery/Tokyo Creator's Market exhibit

Cartoon Art Museum - Cartoonist-in-Residence
November 12, 2009

CAM logo

Hey all,
Just wanted to remind you about my appearance at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, this Saturday, November 14! Come on out!

November Cartoonist-in-Residence: Debbie Huey
Cartoon Art Museum Event: Saturday, November 14th, 2009 1pm to 3pm
Free and Open to the public

Need more details? Check out the Cartoon Art Museum Blog or the Cartoon Art Museum website.

APE 2009, New Merch, Cartoon Art Museum
October 12, 2009


Just wanted to let you know of a couple events coming up, and a couple of new Bumperboy items too!

Alternative Press Expo 2009
The Alternative Press Expo (APE) is just around the corner. It's next weekend, in fact! If you regularly go to APE, please note that I'll be in a different spot this year. I'll be in the upper left side mezzanine level at table #282, right next to my pals at Sturdy Comics (Wahab Algarmi & Anthony Hon) and Hey Danger (Sherwin Viray). APE is one of my favorite conventions for its cozy small-press feel, so come on out and browse the latest in the independent scene! (And check out that awesome APE poster by featured artist, Lark Pien!)

Alternative Press Expo
Saturday Oct 17, 2009: 11am-7pm
Sunday Oct 18, 2009:11am-6pm

The Concourse Exhibition Center
620 7th Street
San Francisco, CA

For more information APE, point your browser to: http://www.comic-con.org/ape

2009 Buttons

New Buttons, New Print

I have a couple new items that will debut at APE, but I've already added them to the Bumperboy shop!

First is a brand new set of buttons that features Bumperboy in 4 different expressions: sad, laughing, sleepy, and raspberry face. Pin one on to fit your mood for the day!

The other new item is a new print called "Parade" that features Bumperboy and his pals on a fun little romp. Watch out for Hugga Hugga Bear, guys! This image is printed on high-quality photo paper that has a subtle, metallic sheen and is ready to be framed.

Check out these items and more at the Bumperboy Shop!

Parade print

Cartoonist-in-Residence at the Cartoon Art Museum
On Saturday, November 14, from 1:00-3:00pm, I'll be making an appearance at the Cartoon Art Museum as a part of their Cartoonist-in-Residence program. Please come by, say hello and check out what I'm working on.

Cartoon Art Museum

For more info about the Cartoon Art Museum, please visit their website or their blog: http://www.cartoonart.org or http://cartoonart.livejournal.com/

APAture 2009
September 22, 2009

APAture logo

Hey, APAture 2009 is happening right now! What's APAture you ask? It's run by the Kearny Street Workshop in San Francisco, and "is an annual multidisciplinary arts festival showcasing the work of emerging Asian Pacific American artists." Notably, this Saturday, September 26, is the closing day and features the "Handmade Fair" which will be packed with comic artists, zinesters, and crafters. And it turns out that I am the featured artist for the comics/zines category! The whole list of exhibitors isn't listed at the moment, but I know that several of my talented good buddies will be participating, including Wahab Algarmi, Anthony Hon, Mark Miyake, Thien Pham, and Sherwin Viray. So come on out on Saturday and meet some great talent in comics, zines and crafts!

APAture 2009 Closing Day
HANDMADE FAIR * 12 pm - 6 pm
Goforaloop Gallery
1458 San Bruno Ave., San Francisco, CA

San Diego Comic-Con 2009 Report
August 3, 2009

Shelby E

Just wanted to let you know that my Comic-Con report is up! Ch-check it out: http://debbiehuey.livejournal.com/33166.html. And my full photoset can be found at: my SDCC 2009 Flickr page.

Comic-Con 2009, New magazine! New t-shirts! New baby clothes!
July 17, 2009

Here at Bumperboy headquarters, July always means a couple things. One, San Diego Comic-Con is coming up! And two, new Bumperboy items! Hooray!!

If you're a regular at Comic-Con, I'll be at my usual spot in the Small Press Pavilion, table O-16. I'll be debuting a couple new products which are featured later in this newsletter. Please come and say hello!

On Thursday, July 23, from 5-6pm, I will also be sketching and signing with San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum for the annual Sketch-A-Thon. It's always a fun event and a great opportunity to purchase some sketches from talented artists of a large range! Drop by table #1930 for this event!

For more information San Diego Comic-Con, point your browser to: http://www.comic-con.org/cci


New Bumperboy Mini-Megazine, Debut Issue!
What's is this Mini-Megazine, you ask? Well, it's a handmade "magazine" that covers some of the "behind-the-scenes" of the Bumperboy universe that hasn't been included in any of the past Bumperboy comics. In this debut issue, you'll read silly interviews with Bumperboy and Bumperpup, do some fun activities (like connect-the-dots), get lessons on how to draw some of the characters, read about a neat craft, and even read a brand new comic featuring Gordy! You can purchase a copy right now, at the Bumperboy Shop!

FistBump Tee

New T-shirts and Infant Bodysuits
There's a couple of new apparel items in the Bumperboy Shop too!

First, we have the newest adult t-shirt featuring Bumperboy and Bumperpup having a buddy-buddy moment...with a fistbump! These American Apparel t-shirts come in light blue and several sizes: Unisex Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and Women's Medium and Large.

Gnom baby

And for all the cute babies out there, we have brand new infant bodysuits! These heather grey bodysuits (also from American Apparel) feature a young Bumperboy making messily enjoying his plate full of spaghetti. Perfect for the messy little ones in your life! They come in two sizes: 3-6 months, and 6-12 months.

Check out these items and more in the Bumperboy Shop!

Needle Felted Bumperboy and Bumperpup
February 22, 2009

I finally got to take some photos of my latest needle-felted creations, Bumperboy and Bumperpup!

Here's a close-up of B-boy:

And if you want to see a short step-by-step of how Bumperpup was made, then head on over to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/debbiehuey/sets/72157614228581577

Who/what am I gonna make next???

Happy PAL-entine's Day, everyone!
February 14, 2009

Alternative Press Expo
October 30, 2008

Whaaat? APE in November? Yep, it's been about a year and a half since the last Alternative Press Expo, but it's back in full force. The Bumperboy table is located at booth #354 on the main floor. Come one, come all!

SATURDAY November 1

SUNDAY November 2
11:00am-6:00pm (Remember it's daylight savings!)

The Concourse
620 7th Street
San Francisco

Need more details? Then visit the APE website! http://comic-con.org/ape/

North Bay Bohemian article
September 22, 2008

Before my scheduled appearance at the Charles Schulz museum, I did a photo shoot with Trevor Alixopulos for the cover story of the North Bay Bohemian! Gabe Meline took the time to speak to a number of Bay Area cartoonists and came out with a great article about the comics community and how the Schulz Museum has supported up-and-coming artists: www.bohemian.com/bohemian/09.17.08/cover-schulz-0838.html

Charles Schulz Museum Appearance
September 11, 2008

I will be making an appearance at the Charles Schulz Museum this weekend as the Cartoonist-in-Residence. This will take place from 1-3pm on Saturday, September 13. If you want to watch me as I work on a page for the next Bumperboy comic, or if you just want to chat about comics, then come on out and say hello! For more information about the Charles Schulz Museum, point your browser to: http://www.schulzmuseum.org/

Bumperpup takes a trip to Boston!
September 2,2008

Bumperpup got a chance to visit some new friends in Boston last month. They took him to many places around the city and had a great time. Thank you to Ty and family for hosting Bumperpup! Be sure to check out their photos at the Bumperboy Sightings page!

Interview with SEQALAB
August 26, 2008


Sometimes I wish I studied at a college that has decent sequential art classes. The Savannah College of Art and Design is one them, and they even offer degrees in sequential art! Very cool. Anyway, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by SEQALAB, which is a podcast run by professor Jeremy Mullins and his hilarious crew of students and alumni. So if you want to hear me blah blah blah about my process in drawing comics and exhibiting at comic book conventions, then head on over to my interview at: http://seqalab.com/?p=222. Thanks, SEQALAB!

Comic-Con 2008 Report
August 5, 2008

Square TV

Hey all! I just realized that I forgot to post my con report here! Well, you can check it out at my Livejournal page at: http://debbiehuey.livejournal.com/30212.html

Square TV interview
July 30, 2008

Square TVJust wanted to tell you that my interview with Juli of Square TV has been posted on YouTube! We had a little chat at San Diego Comic-Con and I managed to not blunder my way to embarrassment! Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C99x8jhwd3o!

Be sure to view more interviews with small press wonders on Square TV's website at: http://www.square-tv.com

Comic-Con News, New Products!
July 15, 2008

Rock On teeDid you know that sometimes Bumperboy just wants to ROCK? Well, the latest Bumperboy shirt sure shows it! This shirt features Bumperboy rocking out, complete with lightning bolt! These American Apparel t-shirts come in navy and several sizes: Unisex Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and Women's Medium and Large.

Button Set E

Also new in the Bumperboy shop is a brand new set of buttons! These new designs include Bumperboy nervously riding his bike, Hugga Hugga Bear in his hugging stance, Bumperpup taking a quick nap, and Gordy blogging on his laptop.

Check out these items and more in the Bumperboy Shop!

And yes folks, San Diego Comic-Con is next week! Once again, I'll be at my usual spot in the Small Press Pavilion, table O-16. I'll have the new shirts and buttons, as well as my usual cargo of books, t-shirts, prints, stickers, etc.

Also, on Saturday at the con, July 26, from 5-6pm, I will be sketching and signing with the Cartoon Art Museum. This year, the Cartoon Art Museum's Sketch-A-Thon will take place on the mezzanine annex (not on the main floor of the con). Please swing by and purchase original drawings from some of your favorite comic artists and support a great museum!

Sunday of Comic-Con is the designated "Kids Day," so why not attend some of the great panels and events for kids? One that I guarantee will be fun to check out is the "Kid's Draw" event:

10:30-11:30 Kids Draw!- Join a great lineup of kids' cartoonists as they draw their hearts out - right in front of you! Cartoonists including Nick Abadzis (Laika), Debbie Huey (Bumperboy) Johann Matte (Flight Explorer), Scott Morse (Visitations), Andy Runton (Owly), Kean Soo (Jellaby), and Dave Roman (Nickelodeon) will create art as you watch - with your help! Room 30CDE

For more information San Diego Comic-Con, point your browser to: http://www.comic-con.org/cci

Hope to see you in San Diego!

Bumperboy visits the Caribbean and Vancouver
July 15, 2008

Just wanted to let you know that I added new pictures of Bumperboy's trip to the Caribbean, and Bumperpup's visit in Vancouver! They look like they had a blast! Check them out in the Bumperboy Sightings page!

Appearance at YPulse National Mashup 2008
July 13, 2008

I just wanted to let you guys know that I'll be participating on a panel at the YPulse National Mashup tomorrow, July 14 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. The panel is called "Visual Storytelling" and it features Nicole DeMeo (CEO, Kamikaze Pop), Marc Weidenbaum (Vice President, Original Publishing, VIZ Media), myself, and will be moderated by Andrew Farago (Gallery Manager and Curator, Cartoon Art Museum). We'll be discussing issues around comics, manga and the young audience. Looking forward to it!

Bumperboy and Wondercon article in the SF Examiner
February 21, 2008

Hey look, an article about Bumperboy and Wondercon is in today's edition of the San Francisco Examiner! Neat! Check it out!

Thanks to Christina Troup for putting it together!

Wondercon is this Weekend!
February 20, 2008

Hey folks,
Just a reminder that Wondercon is coming up this weekend in San Francisco!

WonderCon celebrates its 22nd year as Northern California's most popular comics and pop culture event with a return to Moscone Center South on February 22-24, 2008. The February date solidifies WonderCon's status as the first major convention of the year in the United States.

Again, I'll have a table there in Artists Alley, so look for me at Table AA-55. And on Saturday, I'll be participating in a panel spotlighting Bay Area artists:

SATURDAY, FEB. 23, 2:00-3:30pm-The Cartoon Art Museum Presents: Spotlight on Local Cartoonists:

San Francisco has been a hotbed of cartooning for over 100 years, and that tradition continues today with the Bay Area's vibrant creative community. Join panel moderator Andrew Farago (Curator of San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum) as he interviews six of the Bay Area's most talented cartoonists: MariNaomi (Estrus Comics), Fredo (altgeek.net), Lloyd Dangle (Troubletown), Justin Hall (True Travel Tales), Debbie Huey (Bumperboy) and Michael Jantze (The Norm). Room 232/234

More info about Wondercon and all its programming at: wondercon.com.

And here's a picture of the 2nd reprint covers of First Day of School. Yep, they look a bit different because now they use green ink on yellow paper!

See you at Wondercon!

Pop Candy Recommends Bumperboy
February 13, 2008
Today, Pop Candy's Whitney Matheson posted her top 25 recommendations of comics for kids and families, and Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain is one of them! Check out the list!

Happy New Year! And New Sightings!
January 2, 2008
Happy New Year everyone! Keep a lookout on Bumperboy because I hope to have many new projects on the horizon! Also, I've FINALLY posted some long-overdue vacation photos of Bumperboy and Bumperpup's travels to Seattle, WA, Spain, and Portugal! Some of these photos are quite spectacular, so be sure to check them out at Bumperboy Sightings!

Review for Bumperboy Learns How to Ride a Bike
August 21, 2007
Scott Tingley from "Comics in the Classroom" just posted this review of my latest Bumperboy minicomic, Bumperboy Learns How to Ride a Bike! After reading the review, be sure to check out the rest of the website because it's a great resource for finding all-ages friendly comics that are appropriate for kids in your home, as well as in the classroom!

Interview with Comic Talk Cafe
August 9, 2007
I did several audio and video interviews at San Diego Comic-Con, but I'm not sure if all of them are online yet. Here is the first that I've been notified about: Podcast Interview with Comic Talk Cafe. We conducted this interview directly after I participated in a Kids Comics Panel, and it was a bit noisy in the hall that we were standing in, so the audio may be a little choppy at times. But all in all, I think the interview went well!

New Minicomic and San Diego Comic-Con!
July 17, 2007
Hey folks, there's a new Bumperboy story out! It's a brand new minicomic called Bumperboy Learns How to Ride a Bike! Follow Bumperboy on his embarassing quest to learn how to ride through crazy obstacles, including the dreaded Hugga Hugga Bear! The book will be debuting at the San Diego Comic-Con, but if you can't make it to the convention, you can always order it from the Bumperboy Shop!

If you're thinking of attending the San Diego Comic-Con (July 26-29), be sure to stop by at the Bumperboy booth in the Small Press Pavilion, table #O-16! I will be making appearances at a couple other spots around the con too! On Friday, July 27, from 4-5pm, I will be sketching and signing at the Cartoon Art Museum booth, E-11. And on Sunday, July 29, from 1-2pm, I'll be participating on a panel that features some of the greatest comic artists working on comics for kids today:

1:00-2:00 What's Happening in Kids' Comics Today? Some of the most creative work in the industry is being done in kids' comics. Svetlana Chmakova (Dramacon), Jimmy Gownley (Amelia Rules!), Debbie Huey (Bumperboy), Kazu Kibuishi (Flight, Amulet), George O'Connor (Journey into Mohawk Country), and Gene Yang (American Born Chinese) talk with moderator Dave Roman (Nickelodeon) about the importance of kids' comics - and the fun they have creating them! Room 8

For information about the convention, point your browser to: http://www.comic-con.org/cci.

Bumperboy visits Mexico
May 18, 2007
Yipes, I forgot to post this earlier, but I added new pictures of Bumperboy's trip to Mexico! Check them out in the Bumperboy Sightings page!

New Items in Shop, APE
April 16, 2007
Hey everyone, just wanted to tell you that there are a few new items in the Bumperboy Shop! Look out for brand new Bumperboy and Bumperpup stickers that YOU customize, new Bumperboy memo pads, and two prints that are printed on fancy metallic paper! Check them out in the Bumperboy Shop!

Also, the Alternative Press Expo is coming up...this weekend, actually! I'll have a table there once again, but I'll be in a different spot than usual. You can find Bumperboy at Booth #354 on the main floor, next to the likes of Giant Robot Magazine, Top Shelf Comics, and other fine publishers. View the details at http://www.comic-con.org/ape!

Bumperboy named to Booklist's Top 10 Graphic Novels for Youth!
March 22, 2007
Hooray! Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain was named to Booklist's 2007 Top 10 List of Graphic Novels for Youth! Click here for the rest of the list!

From Booklist:
Selected with input from savvy graphic-novel reviewers Tina Coleman, Francisca Goldsmith, Kat Kan, and Jesse Karp, this Top 10 list of titles reviewed during the past 12 months shows the extraordinary breadth of high-quality graphic novels being produced - not only for teens but also for young children.

Needless to say, I am very excited about this. I also think it is awesome just to be in the same company as Raina Telgemeier, Linda Medley, and Gene Yang!

And in other news, I'll be having a reception for my "Small Press Spotlight" at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. It will take place this coming Tuesday, March 27! I'll make a more official announcement with details soon (probably tomorrow). Stay tuned!

Wondercon is Almost Here!
February 28, 2007
Guess what...convention season begins! Bumperboy's first stop of the year is Wondercon at San Francisco's Moscone Center, March 2-4, 2007. I was hoping to have new products to show you all, but I guess it'll have to wait until later. But please come by our table in the Artists' Alley, table number 47! And while you're here, you can check out my "Small Press Spotlight" exhibition at the Cartoon Art Museum...just a few blocks away from the Moscone Center!

Small Press Spotlight with Debbie Huey at Cartoon Art Museum
January 22, 2007
I'll be exhibiting original Bumperboy work at San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum from February 17 to May 13, 2007. The work will be featured in the "Small Press Spotlight" section of the museum. So if you're in town during these dates, or you are planning to attend Wondercon or the Alternative Press Expo, be sure to drop by and see some original Bumperboy pages! You can view the press release and details here!

Bumperboy Goes To the Aquarium
January 17, 2007
I just added some photos of Bumperboy's trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to the Sightings page. Also, Gordy blogged a little about it too!

Bumperboy Redesign
January 2, 2007
Happy New Year, everyone! And to celebrate the new year, I've gone ahead and redesigned a whole new Bumperboy website! I hope you all like it! You'll notice a few new things, like new desktop wallpapers in the "Downloads" section, new photos in the "Sightings" area, and even a new entry from Gordy in his blog! Browse the site, and feel free to let me know what you think about it!

If you love to spy on other comic artists and find out what kinds of tools they use to make their comics, then check out MK Reed's new blog, Comic Tools! Go ahead and find out what's in Jim Rugg and Hope Larson's tool box, along with other comic artists...including me! My post just went up and you can find it here!

I finally added some photos of Bumperboy's trip to Vienna, Austria! Check them out by clicking here! I've also updated the "Meet the Gang" section, so be sure to check that out too.

Stephanie Mangold from Silver Bullet Comics says that Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain is "a true joy to read". The rest of the review can be found by clicking this link.

Shawn Hoke from Comic World News says that Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain is "even cuter than the first" Bumperboy book! Read more of his review by clicking here.

See what Wil Moss from the Nashville City Paper has to say about Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain by clicking on this nice review!

Guess what! Another review for Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain! This one is from Marc Mason at The Comics Waiting Room!

J. Caleb Mozzocco interviews little ol' me at Bamkapow.com!

The Las Vegas Weekly just posted a review for Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain. Click here for the scoop by J. Caleb Mozzocco!

Here's another review of Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain! This one is from Tracy, Shelby, and Sarah Edmunds of Newsarama! Click here to read about how the book made a little girl cry!

I forgot to mention that Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain was released in stores yesterday! Please visit your favorite comic book shop and get it there today! Or, if online shopping is your game, you can get it at various places such as Amazon.com or even in the Bumperboy Shop. A review for the book has already been posted as well! Check out Johanna Draper Carlson's Comics Worth Reading review.

Have you ever wondered what tools I use to make Bumperboy comics? Well then hop on over to the Comic Foundry for a little feature on my own process: DIY Bumperboy!

ALSO, San Diego Comic-Con is coming up! I'll have my usual table in the Small Press Pavilion, Table Q-16. Please drop by and say hi! More info at: http://www.comic-con.org/cci.

New Sightings! This time from New York City: Click here!

I posted my NYC/MoCCA report on my Livejournal! Check it out at: http://debbiehuey.livejournal.com!

I'm off to NYC! I'll be in town for the MoCCA Art Festival this weekend, June 10-11. It's a great convention to see the best in alternative comics! Please drop by my table at booth #A4 and say hi!! For more info: http://www.moccany.org/artfest-main.html

Hey look! There's an article about Bumperboy and me in this week's Publisher's Weekly eNewsletter! Click here for the article!

Also, there are some new pictures on the Sightings page! Bumperboy travelled all the way to Venice, while Bumperpup visited our nation's capital.

If you don't know already, this Saturday, May 6, is Free Comic Book Day! This is your chance to get brand new comics...for FREE! Hopefully you're local comic book shop is participating, but just to make sure, check out http://www.freecomicbookday.com.

And if you'll be in the San Jose area on Saturday, please drop by Hijinx Comics! I will be making an appearance, along with talented artist Alex Sheikman, at Hijinx from 12-3pm. Alex will be signing his new book, "Robotika #3", and I'll be signing copies of "Bumperboy Loses His Marbles" and "First Day of School." Plus, Hijinx will have an hourly raffle with special prizes!

Hijinx Comics
2050 Lincoln Ave. San Jose, CA. 95125 (408) 266-1103

New Bumperboy pictures on the Sightings page! This time, Bumperboy traveled all the way to China! Check them out!

BIG FAT UPDATE: First of all, Bumperboy will be at the Alternative Press Expo next weekend, April 8-9. Be sure to stop by booth #444 if you're in town! Click here for more details.

Second, the new Bumperboy book, Bumperboy and the Loud, Loud Mountain, is slated to be in stores this July! Click here for the cover! More details to come.

And finally, I've got new items in the Bumperboy shop! You'll find a couple of new button packs, and a new t-shirt!

Bumperboy will be making an appearance at Wondercon 2006, which is this weekend at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco! Come by and say hi!

Also, check out this review of Bumperboy Loses His Marbles from Johanna Draper Carlson of Comics Worth Reading!

And finally, I've posted pictures from Bumperboy's trip to Los Angeles! Check them out in the sightings!

Happy New Year everyone! Just wanted to tell you guys that Bumperboy now has a MySpace page! He wants to be your friend!

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